Parish Pastoral Council: Contact Tammy Huss at 320-808-6404 or

The Parish Pastoral Council is the preeminent advisory body in the parish. All other councils, boards, and commissions report and are held accountable to this council. The Pastoral Council is the principle instrument through which the laity of the parish participate in the decision-making processes of the parish. It has a six-fold mission:
  • 1) To be a sign of God’s Kingdom;
  • 2) To support the pastoral team;
  • 3) To study, reflect upon and pray about parish needs;
  • 4) To be a leader of mission;
  • 5) To be a reconciler; and
  • 6) To coordinate and initiate activities and ministries.
Any person who is a registered and confirmed member of St. Mary’s parish may be elected to the Council.

Parish Life Committee : Contact Verna Winter at 507-329-0135

The purpose of Parish Life is to promote hospitality through social events that welcome and include parishioners and build community so that we grow as a parish family.

Finance Committee : Contact Mike Dolan at 763-4705

This is a mandated committee of the parish. It meets monthly to assist the pastor and the parish administrator with the decisions that affect the financial stability of the parish. The committee is composed of the pastor, parish administrator, two trustees, one liaison person from the Pastoral Council, and six members who are appointed.

Liturgy Committee : Contact Laurie Youngers at 763-5781

The Liturgy Committee plans the music and written portions of the Masses and other celebrations at St. Mary's. All members of this committee are nominated by other members in their ministry area.

Stewardship Committee : Contact Todd Wentworth at 320-491-9011

The Stewardship Committee focuses on educating parishioners about stewardship as a way of life through its Annual Stewardship Renewal each fall. Other learning opportunities are also offered to parishioners to encourage their sharing of time, talent and treasure. This committee meets monthly.


St. Mary's Committee for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) : Contact Tammy Boushek at 760-5405

JPIC assists the parish in understanding Catholic Social Justice Teaching by supporting, organizing, and training parishioners around these areas:

  • 1) direct service (charity)
  • 2) legislative advocacy
  • 3) global solidarity awareness
  • 4) community organizing

Art & Environment : Contact Pat at 763-3538, or Nancy at 320-219-6015, or Mary at 763-6963

Volunteers who have a gift for artistic arrangements follow the Church guidelines in preparing the liturgical environment for the various church seasons.


Cemetery Committee : Contact Don Skrove at 760-4454

The Cemetery Committee meets periodically to plan, develop, operate, and maintain St. Mary’s Cemetery and mausoleums. St. Mary’s Parish pays for the upkeep of the cemetery through the sale of ground burial sites and the mausoleum and by cash donations.


St. Mary's Board of Education : Contact Religious Education Office at 763-9202 or School Office at 763-5861

This board works with the school principal, as well as religious education staff, to oversee and advise the faith formation of students in Religious Education, St. Mary’s School and all pre-school, sacramental preparation and adult faith formation.


For other committees and organizations, open the Parish Ministry Handbook.